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Special Drafting Issues

Why are special clauses added to a Trust

or a Will?

There are a large number of special clauses that may be added to a Trust or to a Will. Special clauses are a response to your own personal, specific estate planning objectives. Below you will find just a sampling of a number of specific situations where special clauses may be used.

  • Special Burial Instructions

               Specific cemetery
               Specific instructions or funeral  .

                      or memorial

  • Continuing trust after your death 
     Beneficiaries with special needs                     Handling underage beneficiaries
     Beneficiaries with substance abuse issues
  • Digital or electronic assets 
  • What state’s law governs the legal issues
  • Whether a trust can be amended by an agent under a Power of Attorney
  • Situs Will or Trust
  • Penalty or disinheritance for Will or Trust challenge
  • Agreement not to change Will, Trust or Estate Planning provision
  • Adult adoption clause
  • Class gift
  • Cutout clause
  • Special clauses for beneficiaries with special needs
  • IRA provisions and clauses
  • Per Stirpes
  • Simultaneous death clauses
  • Estate tax planning
  • Portability clauses
  • Credit Shelter Clauses