Debts to now live on after death ?

There is a move afoot in Florida to cause debts to live on after someone dies.  The authors of the recent proposal would make debts into guided missiles that would have a life of their own, and act sort of like a guided missile to chase after family members or loved ones if the debt […]

Article on claims in probate

I recently authored an article on the timeliness of probate claims.  Should anyone have a desire to get a copy of the article, please let me know, you can fill out a contact form to do so if you wish.  Actually, to cover probate claims I would need a four part article, in which the […]

Effect of 2012 Election Results on Estate Planning

The 2012 election is now over.  However, with divided government, the greatest likely result is continuing the estate tax free amount in the $5 to $3 million range.  It is true that currently on the law books there is a “fiscal cliff” with the estate tax free amount being reduced to $1 million in Jan […]

Charles review

Charles took a quick look at the website and had a lot of good suggestions.