Estate Planning Strategies


….. PLANNING IS ESSENTIAL.   What is meant by ESTATE PLANNING? Estate Planning is having happen what you want to have happen, once you are gone.  In order to have happen what you want to have happen, employ the right STRATEGIES to accomplish your objective.  What works for one person, may not work so well for someone else.  Give some careful thought to your objectives, and the strategies that are right for you.  Likewise, carefully choose advisors and professionals that will work with you on your unique objectives.

One fundamental decision is whether to employ a will or a trust in your estate plan.  To explore this idea further click on the following link:  Trust or Will?

Should a Trust be right for you, there are many different kinds of Trusts.  To peruse kinds of Trusts and the objectives that can be accomplished by various kinds of trusts, click on the following link: Trust Varieties

The most commonly employed Trust is the “Living Trust” to keep your Estate out of Probate and to speed and streamline your estate distribution.  However, there are also many trust types designed to save estate taxes.  The most common type of trust designed to save estate taxes is the Credit Shelter Trust.  Yet recent changes in estate taxes have created a whole “new normal” for planning in this area.  To consider Credit Shelter Trusts and the New Normal further, click on the following link: Credit Shelter/The New Normal